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NFL Football
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NFL Football
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The Pointspread Experts: Predictions Against Point Spread
The Nation's Top Sports Handicapping Services
If you are interested in World Class Handicapping Information, Winning Picks and Handicapping Resources from the Top Handicappers in the World...Pointspread Experts is the place for you.

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  #4. Insider Sports Report
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  #6. Primetime Sports Picks
Primetime Sports Picks sports handicapping service provides consistent winners daily to bettors big and small. Whether you're looking for a solid season package or just one strong pick to get you "out of the hole", Primetime Sports Picks will provide you with consistent winners for NFL Football, College Football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, and College Basketball. Click Here!

  #7. Smart Money Law
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  #8. Profit On Sports
We use a variety of methods to make game predictions. However, all our methods share the same two foundations...objective data and sophisticated analysis. Unlike our competitors, we don't just give you a "computer rating", we use the power of predictive and regressive modeling to more accurately project future performance. Using our advanced metrics combined with state-of-the-art predictive algorithms, we leverage the power of science to come up with the most accurate, data-driven projections around. Click Here!

  #9. National Sports Service
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